Collect digital souvenirs when you travel, inspire others & get rewarded.

MintPass is a collecting experience that makes anyone a travel influencer.

We’re creating a travel companion app for preserving memories, built to inspire the experiences of others.

Collect digital souvenirs with MintPass to showcase your travels, share with friends, and receive rewards when you inspire their next adventure. 

Share your travels, no filters required.

The app screen of profile page.

Collect when you travel to showcase your experiences

Each pass you collect populates in your personalized MintPass profile. Keep collecting to visualize your travel memories, track your miles traveled, and share with friends across your social channels.

The app screen of feed page.

Follow the adventures and recommendations of friends

Sharing is caring at MintPass. Keep up with your globe-trotting friends to see where they go and what they do. Looking for inspiration for where to travel next? Look no further than your MintPass social feed.

The app screen of achievements page.

Unlock achievements to boost your traveler score

Keep collecting with MintPass as you travel to unlock achievements, earn points, and rise up the traveler score leaderboards. Watch how your friends score to identify the real jet-setting tastemakers in your network.


The app screen of concierge.

Discover hidden gems with AI concierge recommendations

Generate instant, customized recommendations based on your preferences to prepare for present or future travels using MintPass as your AI travel concierge. Spend less time planning, more time enjoying!

So, what can MintPass do for you?

Travel Agents

Consolidate your lived travel recommendations to seamlessly share with clients.

Travel Creators

Earn passive revenue by verifying and sharing travel experiences with your audience.

Travel Operators

Surface your brand to new customers when current customers share experiences

Travel Booking Providers

Extend affiliate network and surface hyper-targeted offers to high-frequency travelers.

The app screen of a pass.

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