Collect free, one-of-a-kind digital souvenirs that extend the joys of travel.

MintPass is a collecting experience that makes your travels a part of your identity.

We believe your travel history says as much about who you are as where you’ve been.

Collecting digital souvenirs with MintPass allows you to tell that story in a single destination where you can showcase your travels, keep up with the adventures of friends, and discover new experiences on your next journey.

Generate your personalized digital souvenir in seconds.

Scan your boarding pass

Verify your flight by scanning your boarding pass. Record travel details such as origination, destination, date, and distance.

Tell us about your experience

Answer a few questions and allow us to generate personalized artwork unique to your trip and your experience.

Pick your style and preferences

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so lend us yours by picking an art style and other creative inputs to customize your pass.

Select your favorite images

Select from multiple images to find the perfect visual for your experience, or generate again until you find the perfect one.

Share your masterpiece

You’ve created a digital souvenir, no haggling required! Share with your friends and keep collecting to develop your MintPass profile.

The app screen of a pass.

Mint the moment, one adventure at a time.

The app screen of profile page.

Collect when you fly to showcase your travels

Each pass you collect populates in your personalized MintPass profile. Keep collecting and visualize your travel experiences, track your miles traveled, and share with friends as a part of your digital identity.

The app screen of feed page.

Keep up with the adventures of your friends

Share your passes across social channels, follow your friends, and share experiences with one another. Looking for inspiration for where to travel next? Look no further than your MintPass social feed.

The app screen of achievements page.

Unlock achievements to boost your traveler score

Collect as you travel to unlock achievements, earn points, and certify yourself as a true jet-setter by boosting your traveler score. Rise up the leaderboard and flex your achievements on your MintPass profile.

The app screen of concierge.

Discover hidden gems with AI concierge recommendations

Generate instant, customized recommendations based on your preferences to prepare for your upcoming travels using MintPass as your AI travel concierge. Spend less time planning, more time enjoying!

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